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About the Empowered Fem Organization

Empowered Fem is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formed to catalyze ambition in women everywhere.  Our objective is to provide resources and encouragement to empower women who otherwise may not receive either. We provide personal and professional development, shine a light on career opportunities in burgeoning job fields, and support educational events and opportunities that align with our mission.

We exist to build up disenfranchised generations and direct them into opportunities for success.  We do this through affordable resources and programs such as the ones noted below, as well as various women’s empowerment pop-up events throughout the year.  As we empower women, we develop them into Empowered Femtors who then empower teenage girls to become Empowered Fems.

Empowered Fem’s ultimate goal is to create a community where young women can network with professionals already in STEAM fields, as well as strengthen and expand the next generation of scientists, engineers, and community leaders.  We are creating a movement through which leading ladies empower young ladies, thereby forming a sisterhood of empowered females building each other up.


Empowered Women Empower Women

Fab & Fearless Speaker Series

Empowered Fem designed this speaker series for women of impact who are ready to connect with likeminded women.  In this series, empowered women who are rocking it within their fields share their story of fabulosity.  As the speakers share their stories, they empower women of all backgrounds and skill sets to conquer their obstacles.  This popular series has brought together hundreds of women who have been impacted by the messages of hope, overcoming obstacles, and defying the odds.  We don’t always see the fearless part of trailblazing women.  We never see the obstacles and doors that closed on them before they become the beauties they are now. This series takes us behind the empowered women you see on stage, read about in books, or see climbing the corporate ladder and into the moments that caused the mind shift that empowered them to become the fabulous, powerful women they are today.

Chanclas & Cocktails

Empowered Fem designed this virtual Ladies’ Night event in 2020 to keep the momentum of empowering women going during a time of extreme stress for many women throughout the world.  During these pop-up events, we host a POWER HOUR of lessons, growth, conversation, and sisterhood you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.  Log into Zoom and come as you are to be part of an uplifting session where we candidly talk about issues that hinder our glow and how we can overcome them.  Look for announcements from Zoraida and our team on Facebook to learn when we will host one of these popups.  We share them the day or a few days before the event, so you have to follow us to know they are coming!

Empowered Teens Program

As leading women, it is our responsibility to build up the generation that is coming up behind us.  It is our duty to encourage, guide, support, teach, motivate, and build a foundation for them to stand on.  As Empowered Fems, we need to serve as positive role models for young girls so that they know we are here for them when the world might not be.  Together we can build an army of powerful, intelligent, confident, fearless, young women that will never let their circumstances hold them back.

Empowered Fems designed the Empowered Teens programs to serve the youth in our community through conferences, speaking events, weekly school meetups, and virtual sessions to teach them valuable skills in confidence, self-trust, and worthiness among many other topics.  We use Empowered Femtors to lead the girls through a series of modules, talk with them about career options, and empower them to design lives they love from middle school forward.

Empowered Fem Blog

Empowered Fem founder and president, Zoraida Basaldu, shares her experiences and wisdom to empower women around the globe how to live their best lives and pay it forward to the next generation.  With a focus on not playing yourself small or allowing others to play you small, she shines a light on overcoming imposter syndrome to become the empowered woman she is today.  She shares vulnerable posts on her weight loss journey and how she learned to forgive others. Through each of these posts, empowered women learn tips and tricks to become their best selves and overcome today’s challenges.