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About the Organization

Empowered Fem is dedicated to igniting and sustaining an energy movement designed to catalyze ambition in young women and thereby power the developing workforce. Our objective is to provide resources and encouragement to individuals who otherwise may not receive either. We shine light on career opportunities in burgeoning job fields and support educational events and opportunities that align with our mission.

Empowered Fem is founded on altruistic intentions. It is powered by a sincere drive to build up disenfranchised generations and direct them into opportunities for success.

Building a community where young women can network with professionals already in the field is the ultimate goal of Empowered Fem as well as building the next generation of scientists, engineers, and community leaders. We want to create a movement of leading ladies helping young ladies, a sisterhood of empowered females helping to build each other up.

Empowered Women Empower Women

Fab & Fearless Speaker Series

A series built for women of impact who are ready to connect with like minded women, who build each other up by sharing their own story of fabulosity, and become empowered to conquer all obstacles.  This popular series has brought together hundreds of women who have been impacted by the message of the speakers.  We don’t always see the fearless part of a trailblazing women.  We never see the obstacles and all the doors that closed before becoming the beauty that they are now. This series takes us to the moments that caused that mind shift and created that fabulous powerful women.

Chanclas & Cocktails

Brand new virtual girls night in event.  This event was created to keep the momentum of empowering each other going through current times.  This monthly event is a POWER HOUR of lessons, growth, conversation, and sisterhood all from the comfort of your home.  Come as you are to be part of an uplifting session where we candidly talk about issues that hinder our glow and how we can over come them.

Empowered Teens Program

As leading women, it is our responsibility to build up the generation that is coming up behind us.  It is our duty to encourage, guide, support, teach, motivate, and build a foundation for them to stand on.  We need to serve as positive role models for young girls so that they know we are here for them when the world might not be.  Together we can build an army of powerful, intelligent, confident, fearless, young women that will never let their circumstances hold them back.

The Empowered Teens program serves the youth in our community through conferences, speaking events, weekly school meet-ups, virtual sessions, and meetings to teach them valuable skills in confidence, self trust, and worthiness among many other topics.