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Empowered Teens

Empowered Teens Program

Part of the Empowered Fem mission is to help young ladies grow into strong confident women by empowering them to become more confident teens. We do this through 12-week program during which successful women within the community (Empowered Femtors) mentor middle school girls through weekly discussions, worksheets, and games. Each lesson at a local school during lunch or after school hours, depending upon the request of the school system.

Each girl receives an Empowered Teens Guide book designed by our founder, Zoraida Basaldu, to ensure the girls understand what it means to navigate life successfully and beautifully. The programs are sponsored through a mix of grants and donations from local businesses so the girls don’t have to worry about family finances to attend.

Upon graduation from this program, teens will know how to set and achieve goals, think positively about themselves, believe in themselves, manage their time and money, embrace their value and their superpowers, communicate and work well with others, plan their future careers, and express the true depths of their beauty. They will be ready to embrace who they are and everything they are created to be.

The Empowered Teens program is open to school systems, churches, clubs, and any group that has middle school girls interested in becoming stronger, wiser, and empowered.

Empowered Teens STEM Program

Part of the Empowered Fem mission is to introduce teen girls to STEM-related fields. The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) helps young ladies begin to consider careers beyond their current realm of knowledge and dreams.

The Empowered Teens STEM educational program is geared toward middle school ladies so they become aware of job fields that many young girls still don’t realize are available to them. There are many opportunities for women in STEM-related fields, so we focus our education on careers that currently have a shortage of woman.

Through a partnership with the nonprofit organization Communities in School, we reach the students in various middle schools throughout Corpus Christi. Our Empowered Fem team meets with the girls regularly during their lunch hour and every Friday for one hour to introduce and discuss the STEM-related careers with the girls.

The girls are also part of a speaker series where leading ladies in the city speak about their careers and journeys. The girls put a face to a career in STEM as they hear women from all lifestyles, cultures, and backgrounds discuss why they chose their careers, what they do, and how much they enjoy working in STEM fields. They ask questions and learn directly from someone already in those jobs. Trough experiments and STEM talks, they also receive hands-on exposure to the different requirements of each STEM fields.


If either program interests you, reach out to learn more about how we can bring it to your school or group.

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