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About Zoraida

Zoraida is a passionate communicator and self-esteem enthusiast who is making a positive impact in the lives of girls, young women, and the people who care about them.

Entrepreneur & Community Advocate

Zoraida is the founder of Empowered Fem, a movement designed to catalyze ambition in women everywhere and empower women to live their best lives.  She is dedicated to providing self-esteem enhancing workshops for women that uplift, educate, and motivate!  Zoraida launched Empowered Fem, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2019, with a focus on empowering women and teens.  The teen program empowers young ladies to build the skills and self-assurance needed to be successful.

Guiding Life Skills & Mentoring for Women

Being a woman leader in today’s world is tough and Zoraida gets it.  Having grown up in Mexico in a single-parent household.  Zoraida knows firsthand the obstacles and challenges that one can face.  Now passionate about the life-changing results she’s experienced in her own life, Zoraida is on a mission to impart confidence, coping skills, and positive social skills to women everywhere.  She coaches girls and young women to gain confidence, character, and class by helping them to learn how to truly love themselves, understand healthy decision making, appreciate inner beauty, and so much more.

Inspirational Speaker

Zoraida is a sought after recognized speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations to girls and young women throughout the US.  She brings a whole lot of girl power (and is known to also sprinkle glitter) wherever she goes!  Her educational, interactive, and down-to-earth approach captivates the hearts of her audience while motivating them with self-love and positivity.

Lifetime Learner

Zoraida received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University – Kingsville.  She put herself through school by using financial aid and school loans, as well as working.  She did not let her circumstances dictate her future.  She used her drive and determination to achieve her goal to a be the first in her family to graduate college.  Today, she is a successful Process Engineer at a local refinery – and yes, she wears lipstick at work!

Regular Girl

When not coaching, speaking, or planning events for Empowered Fem, Zoraida loves spending quality time with her family.  She is the mother of three beautiful children.  She also enjoys volunteering, seeing friends, biking, and traveling.  She is OBSESSED with the color pink.  She sings and dances while she drives.  She is crazy about Beyonce–hence her hashtag #ZEYONCE– and, like many girls, she believes glitter makes everything better!