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Dressing Up by Dressing Down 2 880 x 660 640x660 - Dressing Up While Dressing Down
In the last blog, Being Beautiful by Being You, we addressed the common misconceptions of not showing up as our authentic self and identifying what beauty really means to each of us.  As we go through our journey of growth and purpose, we are molded into diverse beautiful women of unique charm, looks, and style. ... / READ MORE /
Beautiful by Being You 880 x 660 640x660 - Being Beautiful by Being You
Most of our lives we have been fed a misconceived notion of beauty.  We are taught that beauty has to fit in a particular mold with perfect physical traits and attributes.  That beauty acts, walks, and looks a certain way.  That some of us are just not beautiful enough.  I fall in this trap all... / READ MORE /